I am a UKCP registered and BACP listed Gestalt psychotherapist and counsellor. I have been in private practice for many years and have also worked for the NHS. GPs and other health professionals, and occupational health advisors (EAP’s) often refer work to me. Many people refer themselves.

Who I work with

I work with individuals, couples, families, parents and their children both adult and young; I also see children and young people individually. I work with many different sorts of problems which you can see here but it can never be complete because every one of us is a unique individual with our own different and exclusive view of the world.

Why people come to see me

The people who come to see me want different kinds of help, some need to make a decision, others have low mood or have suffered a loss, or a major life event has happened, Some come because of requirement of a college course or to find out more about themselves. Many come because there are difficulties in their relationships, either alone or with the person with whom they are having the difficulties.

How I get referrals

Most people refer themselves but I receive referrals from GPs, other health professionals or Employment Assistance Programmes.

My working environment

I work from my own home in the suburbs of Chester with a dedicated therapy space. I offer a comfortable and relaxing room where clients can feel accepted and comfortable whilst they reflect and consider.

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What is Gestalt?

Gestalt therapy is about becoming more aware of how we are in the world, by seeing ourselves in relation to others.

More on Gestalt

Specialist interest

My specialist interest is about early life experience and attachment and how difficulties in this area can manifest themselves throughout our life cycle causing problems that pervade all our relationships.

More on my specialist interest


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